Filterset HX99B and HX140B

Filterset HX99B and HX140B
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This filterset is suitable for the HITACHI Aerial Platforms Hx99B-1 HX99B-2, HX140B-1 and the HX140B-2


1x 4294132 Retourfilter

1x 4294130 Pilotfilter

1x 4294842 Fuelfilter

1x E4607538 Airfilter

1x 4294838 Engine oil filter



“We were pleasantly surprised with the custom solution that saves us a lot of time. Previously, an inspection took 3 days using aluminum scaffolding, but with the use of this compact machine (which could just get past the the bar to get inside) the time closed was limited to 1 day.”
Robert van den Berge, Klimhal Yellowstone